Foster Parents

BRGA needs loving families to temporarily open up their home to a Greyhound. Since the greyhounds are coming directly from Florida, we want the grey to become acclimated to a home environment before going to his/her permanent home. We ask for a 1-2 week commitment. All food and supplies are provided by BRGA.

Please also fill out a foster application here:

Meet and Greets

BRGA hosts Meet and Greets at many locations across Northern Virginia. They allow potential adopters to answer questions and interact with dog, helping them to decide whether greyhounds are right for their family. We always need more volunteers so we can expand our reach.

Florida Transport

With 8,000+ dogs needing homes before 2020, BRGA cannot rely solely on monthly hauls to adopt out dogs. We are looking for volunteers willing to drive dogs back from Florida to Virginia where they can find their forever homes. If you are a single person, we can match you with a partner for the road if desired. The more drivers we have, the more hounds we can help!

Local Transport

On a semi regular basis, greyhounds are transported from Florida for adoption. We meet the truck in the Fredericksburg area and coordinate to get the dogs to their foster homes.


BRGA runs all kinds of fundraisers to support broken leg dogs and other greyhounds in need. There is much work associated with photographing items for sale or auction, uploading to Etsy and our auction site, and packing and shipping once orders are complete. If you have other fundraising ideas BRGA has not yet explored, we want to hear from you too!

Social Media

Are you a web designer or webmaster?  We always need talented people to help maintain and modify our web site along with our social network presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Volunteer (non foster)

As an organization run entirely by volunteers, BRGA is seeking people interested in helping!

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