Wags and Brags (Success Stories)


“Such an amazing dog”

Bobby has really been such an amazing dog. He's not afraid of anything, and loves all dogs and people. He isn't showing any signs of resource guarding, sleep aggression, or any other aggression. He is starting to really get the hang of stairs. Bobby is nothing short of amazing. He is affectionate and sweet, good listener and so patient, plus he is so handsome. Bobby has just brought a whole new level of happiness to our home and for that we will be forever grateful. Thank you for helping us find each other.
- Justin and Belle, adopted Bobby in 2019

“Easiest breed to have”

They are the easiest breed to have. I mean, low maintenance. One person can have six of them.
- Judy, adopted Joey in 2018

Joey and Heidi love car rides.jpg

Portia - lip smacking.jpg

“We couldn't have asked for a better fit”

I tell you what, we have had two other greyhounds previously and we've never seen such personality like she's shown us. She is quite the character. We couldn't have asked for a better fit.
- Tarah and John, adopted Portia in 2017

“Stolen our hearts”

Remy has really stolen our hearts and that of our families - so much so that my aunt is picking up her new Grey today!
- Kristen and Zach, adopted Remy in 2018


Octane - 2.jpg

“I love my greyhound”

I'm so happy I was able to give this race dog a proper finish for his retirement. In all my years in dogs, he has to be right up there with my favorites that I have had. Thank you for him.

He is by far the easiest dog I have probably ever had. He is real chill with other people and very relaxed and happy and affectionate with me. I love my Greyhound!
- James, adopted Octane in 2018

“thoroughly enjoying retirement”

Queso was very shy when he came to us but has really come out of his shell! He loves to play with toys (his favorite is Lammy - his pink lamb chop stuffy), ride in the car, go for walkies, and snuggle in bed or on the couch with his mom & dad. He is such a happy boy and is thoroughly enjoying retirement!
- Kat, adopted Queso in 2018

Up close and personal with Queso.jpg



Some of the things that Flynn loves to do is steal my right shoe, and only the right shoe if they are mine. We are all still finding out the quirks. He loves to cuddle, get butt rubs and of course ear scratches. When he wants to go out he will go to the door and ring the bell but if we don’t move fast enough he will come over to us and nibble on our legs or shirt. When we do get ready to go out he gets so excited he will bounce up and down like a little jumping bean. He is the sweetest pup! He is so loved and spoiled!
- Jen and Mark, adopted Flynn Ryder in 2018


“Loves everyone she meets”

Jorja is settling in and has quickly figured out how best to enjoy her retirement (a blankie, bed & stuffie in every room!). She loves everyone she meets - she enjoys her vet visits at least as much as she enjoys going "shopping" and to the greyhound meetups (and BRGA meet-n-greets).
- Dave and Kathy, adopted Jorja in 2018